Occasions Arriving Soon

We are always on the look out for new and exicting occasions giftware so we have made it easier for you to see what we have coming in over the comes weeks and months. If you like the look of something please use the email me option and we'll do just that as soon as the item arrives into stock.
A cute hanging woollen rabbit in a grey tone,
ITEM # 48326
 An adorable little woollen rabbit decoration with added hessian ears and a yellow bow tie
ITEM # 48327
 Part of an adorable new range of woollen bunny decorations each dressed up in their best attire
ITEM # 48328
 A cute little woollen bunny decoration complete with hessian ears and a little green bowtie
ITEM # 48329
 A cute little hanging woollen bunny decoration dressed up in a cute printed frock
ITEM # 48332
Jasper is also holding a little book and is displaying a posh bowtie
ITEM # 48333
A chic ceramic rabbit with a basket full of pastel pink eggs.
ITEM # 48338
An utterly charming and beautifully detailed sitting rabbit decoration with jute string bow.
ITEM # 47498
A charming and beautifully detailed sitting rabbit figure, complete with a rustic jute string bow.
ITEM # 47499
A chic bunny ornament with a basket full of pink eggs.
ITEM # 47504
A charming Spring rabbit ornament with a beautifully detailed basket full of pastel blue eggs.
ITEM # 47505
A chic Spring rabbit with a basket backpack full of pastel blue eggs.
ITEM # 47506
A pretty rabbit ornament adorned with a delicate pink floral crown. Complete with a single rose head.
ITEM # 47507
A charming rabbit ornament adorned with a pink floral crown.
ITEM # 47508
A chic, antique inspired glass candle holder with a floral pattern and mottled finish.
ITEM # 47238
A decorative glass candle holder with an antique inspired mottled finish and geometric design.
ITEM # 47239
A vintage inspired floral and heart design coat hanger with 4 hooks.
ITEM # 47256
An assortment of 2 charming bunny hangers in floral and polka dot dresses.
ITEM # 47257
An assortment of 2 wooden hare decorations in stripe and floral designs.
ITEM # 47262
A rustic metal heart decoration with a swirling floral design and chunky jute string hanger.
ITEM # 47271
Decorate your boarders with this rustic metal garden stake featuring a floral decorated heart.
ITEM # 47272
A set of 2 round trays with a decorative floral edge, twin carry handles and a wooden base.
ITEM # 47274
An assortment of 2 charming country living style chicken ornaments with a textured, rustic finish.
ITEM # 47275
A shabby chic hanging umbrella display unit with 12 hooks.
ITEM # 47276
An assortment of 2 shabby chic duck ornaments with adorable polka dot wellington boots and top hats.
ITEM # 47278
A charming concrete hare with a white painted finish and cute heart shaped button nose.
ITEM # 47288
An elegant sitting hare with carved detailing. A stylish interior accessory.
ITEM # 47301
A vintage inspired mirrored glass candle holder with a mottled finish and decorative diamante trim.
ITEM # 47302
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