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A standing Dracula gonk decoration with a stylish cape and bat decorated hat.
ITEM # 61760
A novelty Dracula themed gonk decoration with red bats and cape.
ITEM # 61759
A spooktacular Halloween gonk with a soft hat and bat wings. Complete with a cute nose and signature shaggy long beard.
ITEM # 60951
A Halloween Inspired Sitting Gonk
ITEM # 57401
Add A Fun Addition To Your Halloween Decor
ITEM # 57340
A Charming Halloween Inspired Gonk
ITEM # 57325
Decorate your home this season with this fun and unique gonk, complete with black BOO hat and pom pom.
ITEM # 57400
A charming and unique miniature gonk figure with an orange pumpkin. A lovely seasonal gift item.
ITEM # 62348
A charming hanging gonk decoration with burnt orange knitted details.
ITEM # 61855
A unique large gonk decoration with a plush hat and bat wings. A must have decoration for the home this season.
ITEM # 60952
A Fun Halloween Themed Sitting Gonk
ITEM # 57403
A Fun Halloween Sitting Gonk
ITEM # 57399
Add A Fun Halloween Accessory To Your Home
ITEM # 57326
Add character and charm to your autumn displays with this charming autumnal gonk.
ITEM # 64075
A cute and unique miniature gonk figure with a polkadot hat and BOO pumpkin stack. A fantastic seasonal gift item.
ITEM # 62349
A cute and unique miniature witch gonk decoration with FREQUENT FLYER slogan.
ITEM # 62350
A charming sitting gonk decoration in the warmest burnt orange and beige colours.
ITEM # 61857
A charming knitted doll decoration dressed in Autumnal clothes in rich burnt orange hues.
ITEM # 61874
An assortment of 3 Halloween gonks each wearing spooky tall hearts and striped tights.
ITEM # 69692
A charming woodland gonk with mushroom hat. Complete with dangly legs and a glitter finish.
ITEM # 69661
A plush knitted gonk dress in Autumnal colours sitting on a pumpkin.
ITEM # 69469
Standing Green Gonk, 80cm
ITEM # 69458
A spooky little gonk ornament dressed as a Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin
ITEM # 67559
A cute gonk ornament dressed as a bat. Wonderfully detailed with wings and a star hat.
ITEM # 67483
A must have seasonal decoration. Beautifully detailed with a chalkboard style PICK ME sign.
ITEM # 67480
Add this cute Halloween decorations to your Autumn home decorations with this adorable gnome.
ITEM # 61854
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