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A Cute Medium Ceramic Sheep
ITEM # 56048
A Delightful Small Grey and White Ceramic Sheep
ITEM # 56047
A charming assortment of posed resin duck ornaments, each dressed in raincoats and holding umbrellas
ITEM # 52425
Assorted by their standing and sitting poses, these delightful little duckies will be sure to bring a fun character char
ITEM # 52426
A rustic chicken ornament with raw detail and a reactive glaze.
ITEM # 61824
A country living style chicken ornament with a natural two-tone glaze.
ITEM # 65028
A charming country living style interior accessory with raw and glazed details in natural colours.
ITEM # 65027
A chic sitting bunny ornament in white. Beautifully textured with cute and contemporary features.
ITEM # 64832
A charming knitted angel decoration with a ditsy floral dress and felt wings.
ITEM # 64828
A charming angel decoration. Crafted with a vintage style ditsy floral fabric and faux fur skirt.
ITEM # 64826
An assortment of 2 charming fabric angel decorations. Dressed in vintage floral patterns with cream lace trims.
ITEM # 64823
A charming, country style chicken ornament with a chic polka dot pattern.
ITEM # 64588
Welcome this charming country style chicken into the home this season.
ITEM # 64587
A unique seasonal decoration featuring our charming bunny figure. Complete with a speckled bunny egg.
ITEM # 64526
A beautiful and unique decoration featuring a resin bunny peeping out of a daisy egg.
ITEM # 64525
A unique duck ornament with green wellies, jacket and hat.
ITEM # 64521
A charming duck ornament with wellies, jacket and a hat. In fresh sage green colours.
ITEM # 64520
A chic standing duck ornament in fresh pastel yellow colours. An adorable item with yellow boots, hat and jacket.
ITEM # 64519
Introducing our charming sitting duck ornament in fresh yellow colours.
ITEM # 64518
A unique sitting duck figure in a pretty pastel coloured jacket, hat and boots
ITEM # 64517
A chic hen ornament with grey heart shaped wing and polka dots.
ITEM # 64516
A chic grey and white polka dot hen decoration. A unique, hand finished item for the kitchen and home.
ITEM # 64515
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