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Animal, Dog & Cat Figurines

Wholesale dog figurines, wholesale animal figurines and wholesale cat figurines. We have the very best ranges from Leonardo, plus stylish bronze animal figures and other on trend decorative figures. Scroll below to shop horse figurines and bronze hare ornaments including boxing hares, sitting bronze hares and lying hare ornaments. We also sell silver hare ornaments including silver kissing hares and silver sitting hares. Discover other woodland animal ornaments and wildlife animal ornaments. We have classic and luxury living ornaments as well as shabby chic gifts. Here you will also discover our comprehensive collection of wholesale dog figurines and wholesale cat figurines. Shop pug gifts, westie models, cocker spaniel ornaments, bulldog figurines, terrier figures plus many more dog ornaments! We stock goods from leading UK and international brands meaning you can pick and mix your wholesale animal, dog and cat ornaments in one place.

Small long leg sea bird ornaments
ITEM # 15113
A charming and unique stretching yoga bunny rabbit with a textured white finish.
ITEM # 56501
A gorgeously detailed ornament made up of a family of 3 Hares
ITEM # 53626
A gorgeous stretching bunny decoration with a subtle textured surface finish.
ITEM # 56502
A standing ornamental Highland Cow in a Rustic Silver Tone
ITEM # 52888
An assortment of 6 beautifully painted pastel coloured bunny ornaments.
ITEM # 56227
A cute and colourful iron lady bird decoration for the garden.
ITEM # 59660
An assortment of 2 frog plant pot friends. A unique hanger with a rustic finish.
ITEM # 59502
An assortment of 2 adorable wooden bunnies. Each has a wooden daisy and beaded bow as well as sweet wool shorts.
ITEM # 59657
An assortment of 2 carved wooden birds, each with a unique crown. A rustic interior item for the home.
ITEM # 59576
An assortment of 2 charming yoga frog ornaments, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
ITEM # 59507
A charming decorative ornament featuring 2 kissing hares with a shabby chic, whitewashed finish.
ITEM # 47347
A cute and quirky ceramic frog ornament with a rich speckled glaze and gold painted crown.
ITEM # 59504
A smiling ceramic frog decoration with gold painted crown. Complete with a richly coloured speckled glaze. A rustic gift
ITEM # 59503
A cute and quirky lady bird decoration made from iron.
ITEM # 59659
An assortment of 2 adorable cuddle bunny ornaments. Beautifully made with wonderful painterly details.
ITEM # 59490
Low Stock
An assortment of 2 black and white polka dot snail ornaments. A cute and unique garden accessory.
ITEM # 59606
An adorable ornament featuring two kissing bunnies, each wearing a yellow flower crown.
ITEM # 59492
A glossy metal ladybird decoration, perfect for displaying on pots, planters and in the garden.
ITEM # 59658
An  assortment of 2 beautifully detailed, colourful bird ornaments. Suitable for indoor and outdoor display.
ITEM # 59512
An assortment of 2 charming bunny ornaments with polka dot eggs.
ITEM # 59486
An assortment of 2 beautiful bird decorations. A chic accessory for display in the home or garden
ITEM # 59498
An assortment of 2 bird shaped pot hangers in cream and brown glossy colours.
ITEM # 59652
An assortment of 2 charming standing seagull ornaments.
ITEM # 59536
An assortment of 2 charming wooden bunny decorations. Each has a white daisy charm and beaded jute bow.
ITEM # 59638
A stylish wooden stork ornament elegantly stood upon a rustic wooden base.
ITEM # 59526
An attractive, beautifully detailed cast iron bird decoration. Perfect for displaying in the garden.
ITEM # 59518
An assortment of 2 chic and contemporary black hare busts.
ITEM # 59664
An assortment of 2 cool hat wearing seagulls. A charming and unique coastal themed decoration for the home.
ITEM # 59535
A unique and stylish wooden whale ornament with a white washed finish.
ITEM # 59539
Low Stock
An assortment of 2 yoga frogs, each with a rich green glossy finish.
ITEM # 59511
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