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Poet & Painter

Poet & Painter
Much like the artists themselves, Poet and Painter approach design in an untethered way. They aren’t interested in any styles that are trending, and in their own words they ‘leave that to the trendy people’. They prefer to tread their own messy path, writing all of their own words and relishing in the freedom of approaching each card as a separate piece of artwork they can splash around with.

They offer all of their designs and products in plastic-free, they print on FSC rated board in the UK with minimal waste, and they consider environmental credentials of all their suppliers.

Their cards are witty and quirky with timeless illustrations. 

Did Someone Say Birthday Cake?
ITEM # 57191
A Humorous Greetings Card With Baby Bottle
ITEM # 57994
A traditional styled christmas greetings card
ITEM # 59010
A Humorous Yoda Themed Birthday Card
ITEM # 57188
A colourful BEE HAPPY greetings card by the talented Poet and Painter.
ITEM # 60283
A Humorous Greetings Card
ITEM # 57194
A Multi Coloured Zebra Happy Birthday Card
ITEM # 57183
A Humorous Greetings Card
ITEM # 57201
A comical greetings card
ITEM # 59012
A colourful card with cheeky "nice jugs" message alongside patterned jugs illustrations.
ITEM # 61027
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A Fun And Humorous Ageing Well Card
ITEM # 57200
A bright and bold gaming themed greetings card. The colourful artwork makes for an eye catching design.
ITEM # 59326
Low Stock
A pretty card with colourful and pattern floral design.
ITEM # 61028
A colourful and humorous greeting card with Star Wars inspired "Daft Vader" message and dog illustration.
ITEM # 62608
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