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Explore our extensive selection of wholesale Christmas baubles and hanging Xmas ornaments, encompassing a diverse array of shapes, sizes, and finishes. Discover the latest trends in wholesale Christmas baubles sourced from across Europe, offering you a range that captures the essence of contemporary holiday decor. Collections from major brands such as Leonardo, Heaven Sends, Sifcon, The Satchville Gift Company and many more. Fantastic low wholesale trade prices and small quantities on all lines. You can create a range here that will stand out from the rest. Gainsborough Giftware, Christmas product supplier to the trade for over 40 years.
A novelty glass bauble in the shape of a football in traditional black and white.
ITEM # 54484
Low Stock
A glass Christmas bauble with a train design and red/gold colour scheme.
ITEM # 62270
A stunning bauble with a silver icicle design and added drip glitter finish
ITEM # 53832
A chic glass bauble with a LED candle inside.
ITEM # 48620
Beautiful blue glass bauble with glittered peacock feather patters
ITEM # 30196
An assortment of 2 cream and wool white glass baubles with an enamel coating and cascading glitter bead design
ITEM # 57818
A charming set of 3 baubles
ITEM # 57805
 A small and delicate glass heart bauble set with a silver scripted decal and filled with white fluffy feathers
ITEM # 48288
Low Stock
A charmingly traditional mix of hanging glass baubles
ITEM # 44254
Low Stock
Low Stock
A glass Christmas bauble with world map design and glitter detailing.
ITEM # 62264
An assortment of 2 luxurious shatterproof baubles in matt and shiny finishes. Each has a gold glitter star design
ITEM # 61973
2 stylish and contemporary glass baubles in gold and silver glitter assortments.
ITEM # 61964
Low Stock
A colourful glass Christmas bauble with gin bottle design and "let Christmas be-gin" text.
ITEM # 62268
An assortment of 4 glass baubles in chic gold, silver and white designs. Each has a stylish wave design and silver cap
ITEM # 61965
Low Stock
An assortment of 2 unique glass world baubles in green and pistachio coloured designs.
ITEM # 61963
Low Stock
Low Stock
Low Stock
A unique glass bauble decorated with glitter and eco dried flowers.
ITEM # 57817
An assortment of 2 luxury baubles decorated with small black glitter beads. The assortment includes a wave and stripe
ITEM # 61974
Low Stock
Low Stock
Low Stock
A charming assortment of 3 glass baubles
ITEM # 57811
An assortment of 2 glass baubles in matt and shiny finishes. Each is decorated with a gold glitter leaf design.
ITEM # 57820
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