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Door Stops & Mats

 Scroll below to shop our collection of wholesale doorstops and wholesale draught excluders. You will discover faux leather doorstops and animal doorstops including dog doorstops and cat doorstops. We have home accessories in the latest homeware trends in stock and available to order online. Shop seasonal designs and top trending products including unicorn doorstops and country living interiors styles. We have everything from shabby chic doorstops and draught excluders to those with a little more bling!
This adorable hedgehog doorstop is great for keeping doors open and also a great country home accessory.
ITEM # 66426
cute little faux leather and fluffy hedgehog, simple tartan pattern belly and fuzzy fluffy back
ITEM # 29919
 This quirky and quacking door stop brings a cute vintage twist to any home
ITEM # 30032
A rustic cast iron door wedge in a stag design.
ITEM # 65944
An adorable faux leather and fur sheep draught excluder.
ITEM # 62511
An assortment of 2 cow design door stops with little horns and either a black or brown patches.
ITEM # 62448
Low Stock
An assortment of 3 fabric doorstops each with a dachshund dog wearing a jumper design.
ITEM # 62314
A Super Cute And Colourful Coir Doormat
ITEM # 57965
A Charming Coir Doormat
ITEM # 57964
A country style doorstop in a beehive design.
ITEM # 64996
A faux leather doorstop in a cube shape with a chunky rope handle.
ITEM # 65534
A tweed style grey doorstop in an Owl design.
ITEM # 67841
A sweet tweed rabbit doorstop with an adorable fabric scarf
ITEM # 67838
A cube shaped doorstop made from faux leather with stitched text.
ITEM # 65533
Bring some character and practicality to your home with the Teddy doorstop with a scarf.
ITEM # 67837
A chic faux leather doorstop with a rope handle
ITEM # 65535
 Welcome the Highland Cow Doorstop into the home for a touch of rustic charm.
ITEM # 64332
The Bull doorstop with scarf is a stylish and functional addition to any home.
ITEM # 67839
A rustic faux leather, highland cow draught excluder.
ITEM # 62510
A rustic style faux leather hare doorstop with faux fur chest and ears.
ITEM # 33414
Low Stock
A charming faux leather and fur dog doorstop complete with a ribbon bow. A stylish and practical home accessory.
ITEM # 32674
A doorstop in a Cockapoo shape.
ITEM # 64913
This shaggy sheep draft excluder is the perfect addition to any home
ITEM # 65975
This delightful assortment of pug draught excluders are the perfect addition to any home.
ITEM # 65987
A charming beehive design doorstop with beautiful bee fabric badges and 3D flowers.
ITEM # 60411
Low Stock
A Fun And Colourful Fabric Doormat
ITEM # 57966
Low Stock
An assortment of 2 charming horse design doorstops in grey and brown colours. A unique gift item and interior accessory.
ITEM # 43976
A plush doorstop in a cute bee design.
ITEM # 63556
An assortment of 2 sausage dog doorstops in a tweed design. Each has a chic bowtie.
ITEM # 29442
An assortment of 2 corduroy doorstops in rustic grey and brown colours. Complete with cute bow ties.
ITEM # 59427
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