Scarves & Umbrellas

Here at Gainsborough Giftware wholesale we have a large range of wholesale scarves and wholesale umbrellas available. These fashion accessories are practical and stylish and make a great gift for many occasions, including Mother’s Day, Birthdays and Christmas. We have a range of top trending wholesale scarf styles available in different colours, patterns and fabric finishes. Whether your customers are seeking a light weight, bright and floral scarf or a beautiful cotton scarf with a bold design, we have them all to choose from. Why not shop with our top selling shabby chic heart scarf hanger? We also stock vibrant umbrellas from REX International and pretty floral umbrellas which will help you to stand out in the rain.

A practical and stylish wooden scarf hanger with heart shaped holes. A chic storage solution!
ITEM # 27751
Low Stock
A stylish mix of soft fabric scarves each decorated with a colourful geometric print
ITEM # 46339
Low Stock
 Bring a sweet and on-trend touch to your bag, purse or keyset with an adorably fluffy alpaca plush keyclip
ITEM # 40407
Low Stock
A colourful assortment of trendy Tie-Dye inspired scarves
ITEM # 46341
 Add to any summer outfit for a trendy splash of colour
ITEM # 36284
Low Stock
An assortment of 3 large butterfly design scarves. Each has a sequin glitter thread running through.
ITEM # 34671
An assortment of 3 Christmas design scarves in three popular colours.
ITEM # 42353
Low Stock
Cosy up with this warm and stylish black scarf with a star pattern and tassels.
ITEM # 42355
Cosy up with this mix of 4 bold and beautiful scarves, each with a floral and butterfly design.
ITEM # 42346
An assortment of 4 cable knit hats with a contrasting stripe detail and fluffy pom pom.
ITEM # 42333
Low Stock
An assortment of 4 beautiful light weight scarves in rich blue and grey colours. Each has a gold foil firework pattern.
ITEM # 42350
Low Stock
An assortment of 4 beautiful faux fur twisted scarves with pom poms.
ITEM # 42360
An assortment of 3 cosy and stylish scarves with faux fur pom poms.
ITEM # 42362
 Get bundled up for the winter with these chic and sweet polar bear themed scarves
ITEM # 37550
Low Stock
A classic walking stick with folding function.
ITEM # 32646
An assortment of 4 stylish scarves each with a leopard print heart design. A great gift item and fashion accessory.
ITEM # 32075
A cosy and stylish snood with faux fur trim hood. A lovely gift item this season.
ITEM # 32089
A cosy and stylish snood with faux fur trim hood. A lovely gift item this season.
ITEM # 32087
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