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Candle Holders & Candles

Wholesale candle holders, wholesale lanterns and wholesale candles. As a leading UK wholesaler Gainsborough Giftware supply gift retailers and gift shops across the UK and internationally with fine quality garden candles, candle holders and lanterns. We stock seasonal designs for outdoor living and gifts for weddings, events and other outdoor parties too! Please note not all items are weather proof.

A natural woven lantern made from seagrass. Complete with glass insert.
ITEM # 51669
An assortment of 3 beautifully coloured citronella candles set within on trend cement pots.
ITEM # 51629
An assortment of 2 charming coastal t-light holders with jute string hangers.
ITEM # 51618
A unique seagrass lantern. Complete with a woven handle and glass insert.
ITEM # 51668
An assortment of 3 glass hurricane lanterns decorated with a bold and beautiful wild garden decal.
ITEM # 51588
A rustic living ceramic t-light holder with a star shaped cut out design.
ITEM # 51074
Chic wooden candle holder with heart cut out detail
ITEM # 22357
6 assorted traditional Morrocan lanterns
ITEM # 13718
Orange, terracotta and red glass t-light holders with an elephant henna print.
ITEM # 51707
An assortment of 3 coloured glass vases with a relief pattern. Each is decorated with rope and a gold metal leaf.
ITEM # 51622
An assortment of 2 pink and gold metal lanterns. Each has a beautiful cut out design and carry handle.
ITEM # 51537
Fan and floral design metal lanterns in pink and gold colours.
ITEM # 51534
An assortment of 3 beautifully designed glass vases with handle. Each has a chevron design
ITEM # 51468
An assortment of 3 glass lanterns in purple, pink and clear hues.
ITEM # 51436
An assortment of 3 decorative glass t-light holder vases. Each comes with a stylish pattern
ITEM # 51407
An assortment of 3 beautifully coloured and detailed glass lanterns. Complete with metal handle.
ITEM # 51406
An assortment of 3 glass lanterns with a classic chevron design. Complete with a silver handle
ITEM # 51404
An assortment of 3 beautifully patterned glass t-light holders in a mix of blue hues.
ITEM # 51403
An assortment of 2 decorative glass lanterns, each with an intricate floral design and silver wire handle.
ITEM # 51400
An assortment of 3 beautifully decorative glass t-light holders. Each has a retro flower design
ITEM # 51396
An assortment of 3 fresh and vibrant glass t-light holders in yellow, green and clear colours.
ITEM # 51395
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