Pretty Romantic is our new sweet and dainty Christmas theme, full of frothy pinks, fluffy white and fairytale glitter. 
Here you will find our carefully selected range of Pretty Romantic hanging decorations, Christmas homeware and gifts. An adorable alternative to your traditional Christmas themes!  

Pretty Romantic Christmas Decorations & Accessories

Enjoy a hot cuppa in this beautifully illustrated mug. Featuring a Christmas dog and robin perched upon a stack of gifts
ITEM # 48489
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This sweet set of hanging ballerinas will hang gracefully in any christmas tree
ITEM # 34335
An assortment of 2 beautifully detailed girl ornaments, each with a sequin star wand.
ITEM # 44428
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Large Pink Glitter Reindeer   A festive themed ceramic reindeer with added pink glitter accents
ITEM # 44791
A cute little assortment of white toned ceramic standing gonks, perfectly topped with pretty pink spotted hats
ITEM # 44792
A small white toned ceramic reindeer with added pink spotted hooves and hat
ITEM # 44785
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Two assorted glamorous unicorns with a wool detail and beaded necklace.
ITEM # 44488
A mix of 2 standing Gingerbread ornaments in star and heart designs. Each has a dusting of glitter and a festive scarf.
ITEM # 34251
A cute mix of sitting resin owl decorations with dangly legs
ITEM # 44685
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An adorable assortment of festive themed sitting moose decorations
ITEM # 48323
 A Pretty Romantic themed fabric standing fox decoration dressed up in festive red velvet clothes and complete with a bu
ITEM # 45404
 Bring a simple yet magical feel to your tree decor at Christmas time with this charming set of hanging glass decoration
ITEM # 44269
A beautifully decorated glass bauble with a mottled finish and gold glitter motif.
ITEM # 44287
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A magical wooden horse with a gold glitter trim.
ITEM # 45384
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A stylish pink candle holder with a gold heart design.
ITEM # 44197
An adorable round wooden reindeer with a pink painted body and white polka dot.
ITEM # 44796
 A cute little round wooden reindeer decoration set with pink accents and a polka dot pattern
ITEM # 44799
 A cute little hanging felt hedgehog in a blush pink tone. Perfectly accessorised with gold glitter antlers and star
ITEM # 44085
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