Pretty Romantic is our new sweet and dainty Christmas theme, full of frothy pinks, fluffy white and fairytale glitter. 
Here you will find our carefully selected range of Pretty Romantic hanging decorations, Christmas homeware and gifts. An adorable alternative to your traditional Christmas themes!  

Pretty Romantic Christmas Decorations & Accessories

A beautiful jewel coloured bauble with gold cap and hanger.
ITEM # 45362
An assortment of 2 pink pig ornaments with purple bows and gold glitter crowns and wings.
ITEM # 45276
An assortment of 2 glass t-light holders in bluestone and rosewood colours, each with a gold ginko print.
ITEM # 45334
An assortment of 3 adorable resin owl hangers with cute winter headwear including ear muffs and woolly hats.
ITEM # 45348
A foam bauble decorated in pretty in pink shimmering sequins. A beautifully textured and full bauble for your tree
ITEM # 45346
Shatterproof decoration with pink feathers inside. Complete with pink feathers, pink glitter and a gold cap.
ITEM # 45341
A beautiful and simple iridescent glass bauble with white organza ribbon to hang.
ITEM # 45248
A mix of 3 pretty glass baubles in candy cotton colours, each decorated with ornate beading. Complete with organza
ITEM # 45309
A chic white glitter bauble with pearls. An ornate decoration for you home this season.
ITEM # 45347
Fairy, angel, reindeer and horse magical baubles, with gold glitter detailing and matching beads.
ITEM # 45372
A mix of 4 stunning glass baubles with pink and clear iris beads and pink and clear iris stars.
ITEM # 45310
A standing resin girl in a pink tone, dressed up in a lace trimmed dress
ITEM # 45412
 These two sweet sitting girls will blend in perfectly with our popular Vintage Pink christmas theme
ITEM # 34230
This sweet little pink stocking will be the perfect decorative piece for any Vintage Pink Theme
ITEM # 34232
Bring a magical touch to any home scene or display with this magical posed unicorn figure
ITEM # 39898
Low Stock
 2 sweetly dressed standing fabric mice in a popular Vintage Pink colour theme
ITEM # 34229
A mix of 2 standing Gingerbread ornaments in star and heart designs. Each has a dusting of glitter and a festive scarf.
ITEM # 34251
 2 sweetly dressed sitting fabric mice in a popular Vintage Pink colour theme
ITEM # 34228
Fluffy White Tealight Holder With Silver Star Charm
ITEM # 34413
A Glass Candle Or Tea Light Holder With Fluffy White Sleeve And Silver Star Charm
ITEM # 34412
An enchanting snowman ballerina woolly decoration complete with crown and skirt.
ITEM # 43733
This sweet set of hanging ballerinas will hang gracefully in any christmas tree
ITEM # 34335
 A sweet set of 3 flower skirted fairies, hang in your tree to add that woodland touch
ITEM # 34343
A stunning, vintage inspired glass swan decoration with a touch of festive sparkle.
ITEM # 43631
Bring a Pretty Pink tone to your christmas decor this season with this wonderfully finished decorative glass jar
ITEM # 39847
 Bring a Pretty Pink tone to your christmas decor this season with this wonderfully finished decorative glass jar
ITEM # 39848
Low Stock
Add a pretty pink touch to your home decor this festive season with this glamorous Reindeer figure
ITEM # 39843
A mix of 2 hanging wreath decorations, each with a gold glitter unicorn decoration.
ITEM # 43342
A sweet little hanging decoration, perfect for all year round as well as Christmas!
ITEM # 39833
Add an elegant touch to your christmas decor with this chic assortment of coloured glass flower decorations
ITEM # 39877
Low Stock
A cute decorative snow globe complete with a woodland scene and polar bear. Stylishly finished with fitted LED lightings
ITEM # 34165
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