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Shop wholesale Christmas Gonks here! We have a huge collection of wholesale Christmas Gonks available to you and your customers. Derived from Nordic and Scandinavian mythology our Christmas gonks are loveable little creatures. Shop hanging gonks, shelf sitting gonks, light up gonks, gone ornaments and much more. 

A charmingly plump fabric gonk with checkered print trousers and a soft grey hat
ITEM # 54435
A chic and contemporary ceramic Santa ornament with grey details including stripes and a spotty star.
ITEM # 65704
This charming nordic style gonk decoration is a must have seasonal decoration.
ITEM # 65699
Low Stock
A rustic looking gonk in a festive patterned hat with a wooden nose.
ITEM # 62675
A charming standing gonk decoration in a combination of festive red fabrics adding texture and colour to the home
ITEM # 65697
A festive gonk wearing traditional red colours with a fuzzy outfit and tall pointed hat with pom pom detail.
ITEM # 65694
A chic ceramic gonk decoration with a reactive glaze finish. A rustic interior decoration for the home this season.
ITEM # 57574
A richly coloured and textured gonk decoration with a traditional wooden nose and faux fur beard.
ITEM # 65698
A charming gonk ornament. A miniature festive decoration which every home needs.
ITEM # 65696
A rustic, beautifully glazed ceramic gonk ornament. An on trend decor item this season.
ITEM # 57575
A mix of 2 charming seasonal gonks in earthy brown and green colours. A beautifully detailed festive item
ITEM # 63244
Low Stock
An assortment of 2 woodland style gonk decorations. In rich earthy colours with beautiful long faux fur beards
ITEM # 63242
A stylish gonk ornament with a chic polka dot hat and signature beard, which is beautifully detailed.
ITEM # 61727
A chic ceramic gonk ornament with a detailed beard and polka dot hat. Painted with a neutral grey glaze.
ITEM # 61720
A charming natural gonk ornament with a rustic jute string hanger and gold glitter hat.
ITEM # 61709
A cute ceramic gonk decoration in grey and white. A must have seasonal accessory for the neutral home.
ITEM # 61698
A cute and charming ceramic gonk decoration, painted with miniature red hearts.
ITEM # 61689
A chic ceramic gonk ornament in attractive red and white colours. Decorated with a sweet red heart design.
ITEM # 61690
A chic red and white heart gonk hanger. A unique decoration for the home this season.
ITEM # 61688
 Perfect for bringing a Wintery Wonderland inspired feel to your home during Christmas Time
ITEM # 54988
An assortment of 2 unique Mr and Mrs Claus Christmas Gonks.
ITEM # 61797
A charming fabric mouse decoration in natural colours.
ITEM # 61682
A Colourful, Festive Shelf Sitting Elf Gonk
ITEM # 57407
A Fun And Traditional Elf Shelf Sitting Gonk
ITEM # 57406
A rustic grey and green fabric gonk with a moss effect pointed hat and dangly legs.
ITEM # 63247
Low Stock
An assortment of 2 beautifully detailed gonk decorations in earthy green and grey colours.
ITEM # 63243
A family of stacking gonks in chic grey and white seasonal colours.
ITEM # 62243
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