Decorative Accessories

Here at Gainsborough Giftware wholesale we offer a large collection of much loved wholesale metal garden ornaments, metal garden figures and garden decorative accessories. We also stock bird feeders, cast iron hooks and cast iron bottle openers which are ideal for outdoor living and gardening enthusiasts. Our garden ornaments including metal birds, metal flamingos and other metal animals. We are a trade only supplier of wholesale garden decorative accessories. Our products make lovely accessories for the home, potting shed and gardeners.

A charming cast iron hare ornament. Perfect for indoor and outdoor decoration.
ITEM # 31585
An assortment of 2 leaf birdbaths
ITEM # 36764
 an assortment of posed standing cockerels
ITEM # 36631
A whimsical sitting bunny decoration with a pink floral crown. A wonderfully detailed accessory for the home.
ITEM # 47343
A coastal inspired anchor hook make from cast iron. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
ITEM # 31393
A charming owl ornament with a rustic, distressed finish.
ITEM # 47345
A charming concrete hare with a white painted finish and cute heart shaped button nose.
ITEM # 47288
A cast Iron Duckling Ornament,
ITEM # 44537
Drink Beer. A stylish cast iron bottle opener with a drink beer slogan. A great gift item.
ITEM # 42260
A vintage inspired blue floral sphere with plenty of French country charm. Suitable for interior and exterior decoration
ITEM # 47281
A chic white bird bath featuring two bird ornaments. Complete with a distressed finish
ITEM # 47382
A rustic gold and black bird bath with two bird figures.
ITEM # 47299
A charmingly distressed iron hare featuring a tarnished look and simplistic look
ITEM # 42040
A delicate little wind wheel in a soft white tone and set with a dotted pattern finish
ITEM # 42270
Decorate your boarders with this rustic metal garden stake featuring a floral decorated heart.
ITEM # 47272
An assortment of 2 whimsical silhouetted fairy garden ornaments
ITEM # 47240
A stunning garden sculpture featuring 3 elegant birds, each with a rustic finish.
ITEM # 47290
A large garden sculpture with two posed heron birds. Each has a rustic finish and is set upon a wooden base.
ITEM # 47289
A charming and unique upturned umbrella birdbath with a sweet bird ornament.
ITEM # 42226
 A distressed iron garden bottle opener
ITEM # 36669
A vintage inspired cast iron key door knocker. A stylish accessory for the home and garden.
ITEM # 47334
An adorable pair of kissing bunnies with pink floral crowns. Each has wonderful detailed features.
ITEM # 47342
Create your own whimsical fairy garden with these small metal fairy stakes. Pop in planters and plant pots
ITEM # 42072
an assortment of two posed fairy figure stakes
ITEM # 36609
An assortment of 2 vintage inspired cast iron hooks in two key designs.
ITEM # 31411
A charming and unique bird bath featuring a bird figurine. A rustic garden item with a grey washed finish.
ITEM # 47273
Enhance your plants and flowers with these charming bunny sticks.
ITEM # 47381
A country living style cast iron bell with a horse wall decoration.
ITEM # 42571
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