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Planters & Containers

Here at Gainsborough Giftware wholesale you will discover wholesale planters, wholesale pots, wholesale jugs, troughs and watering cans for the garden. You can also shop garden baskets and garden buckets. We have a large collection of planters and plant pots for the garden in popular designs including vintage buckets, rustic planters, shabby chic pots, distressed plant stand and contemporary and colourful planters. Our range of wholesale garden pots, planters and containers are sold in small order quantities from top UK and International brands. From Gainsborough Giftware you can pick and mix your garden ranges in one convenient trade order.

A large, multi purpose storage trug with a natural carved wave pattern and twin carry handles.
ITEM # 61196
A rustic wooden trug with twin handles and a stylish wave design which has been beautifully carved.
ITEM # 61195
 A charming and sweetly themed Ceramic coastersPlanter with a white base tone
ITEM # 53145
A stylish planter with a speckled finish and charming detailed face. A must have gift item and interior accessory
ITEM # 61456
A delicately decorated vase featuring a feminine face with an intricate pattern.
ITEM # 55495
A rustic zinc planter with an embossed heart design and twin chunky rope handles.
ITEM # 50900
 A simple ceramic trough featuring a white edging and block grey base
ITEM # 42656
A Quirky Black Planter in Face Design
ITEM # 56583
A Quirky Plant Pot in Black Glazed Finish
ITEM # 56581
Low Stock
An assortment of 3 zinc planters in terracotta, green and cream colours. Each has a pretty embossed flower decoration.
ITEM # 59962
A set of 2 handmade stoneware planters with a tonal glazed finish.
ITEM # 59968
An assortment of 3 green, cream and terracotta coloured watering cans. Each has an embossed floral design.
ITEM # 59963
An assortment of 3 woven seagrass planters. Each is handmade so no two will be exactly the same. Liner included.
ITEM # 59935
3 Assorted Coloured Watering Cans
ITEM # 55709
An assortment of 3 beautifully glazed terracotta planters in natural and blue colours.
ITEM # 51683
An adorable assortment of dog shaped planters, each set with its own decals
ITEM # 47174
An assortment of 4 stoneware planters with stripes and an embossed bird motif. Available in a mix of natural colours.
ITEM # 59957
Low Stock
An assortment of 4 beautifully textured planters with floral and foliage themed patterns. The assortment includes grey,
ITEM # 59947
An assortment of 3 green and camel coloured zinc watering cans each with a palm leaf printed design.
ITEM # 59967
A set of 3 natural corn leaf hanging baskets in a natural and cream block design. Fully lined with rope hangers.
ITEM # 55672
A mix of 3 zinc planters in green and camel colours. Decorated with a white palm leaf print.
ITEM # 59965
An assortment of 3 green and camel coloured zinc planters. Each is embossed with a bold leaf print decoration.
ITEM # 59964
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