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Wholesale dog figurines and wholesale dog ornaments. Discover fine quality wholesale dog figurines with dog ornaments available in all of your favourite dog breeds. Shop german shepherd ornaments, border collie figures, labrador figurines, pug gifts, bull dog ornaments, westies, yorkies, golden retrievers and many more! As one of the UKs leading wholesale suppliers and distributors of wholesale dog figurines and fancy goods you will find a great selection of dog gifts right here. We stock the the very best lines from the Leonardo collection, buy in small qualities but at trade prices. All leonardo dogs come beautifully packaged in a gift box which makes them ideal for gift shops, tourist attractions and coastal trade.
A stylish and unique standing pug figurine with silver beading. A glamorous gift and interior accessory.
ITEM # 43329
A fine quality longhaired chihuahua dog figurine.
ITEM # 43290
Stunning golden labrador ornament from the popular Leonardo collection
ITEM # 21104
Low Stock
A fine quality brown cocker spaniel dog figurine with gift box.
ITEM # 43447
Leonardo dog figurine.
ITEM # 819
A fine quality black and white bull terrier dog figurine with gift box.
ITEM # 43292
A stylish and unique silver beaded sitting pug ornament.
ITEM # 43328
We're barking at you to take a quick look at these fantastic Border Collie figures!
ITEM # 7752
A fine quality dachshund dog figurine with gift box.
ITEM # 31739
The Leonardo Collection
ITEM # 758
Low Stock
Dog figurine from The Leonardo Collection
ITEM # 759
Standing golden retriever ornament by Leonardo
ITEM # 26934
By Leonardo, a French Bulldog figure in a black and white colour
ITEM # 25417
A fine quality brown akita dog figurine with gift box.
ITEM # 43291
From the Leonardo Walkies collection, German Shepherd figurine
ITEM # 25319
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