Jugs & Vases

Here at Gainsborough Giftware we offer a wide variety of wholesale jugs and wholesale vases, which make beautiful home accessories, garden planters and gifts for many occasions. We have a large range of designs and styles available including wholesale shabby chic jugs, zinc planters, vintage vases, slogan vases and contemporary jugs and containers. Many designs are ideal for displaying in the home and garden.

 Vintage styled rustic churn with a worn down look
ITEM # 30109
A rustic style milk churn, perfect for displaying flowers
ITEM # 26836
Decorative zinc jug in a vintage design
ITEM # 26835
An assortment of 3 individually designed ceramic pots with blue toned patterns and decals
ITEM # 44531
An assortment of small ceramic pots each featuring a striking blue patterned decal and terracotta toned base colour
ITEM # 46712
Low Stock
Bring a colourful Koi touch to any home or garden with this assortment of posed Koi Fish Vases
ITEM # 47488
 A gorgeous on trend print made up of Jaguars and Palm Leaves, set upon a Fine China Jug
ITEM # 47799
Zinc storage jug in a rustic design, perfect for displaying flowers
ITEM # 26834
Bubble Glass Bowl, Green  Set with a decorative ridged decal, this bubble shaped green bowl will be sure to tie in with
ITEM # 46040
A rustic zinc churn with a wooden handle and a distressed finish.
ITEM # 42607
 Set with a decorative ridged decal, this bubble shaped blue bowl will be sure to tie in with any themed home space
ITEM # 46042
Cute ceramic jug decoration with Garden text
ITEM # 22097
Zinc jug with cream finish, a handy in-trend piece
ITEM # 22354
 A Small White Vase featuring a distressed decal and ridged edges for a stylish charm
ITEM # 47833
A mix of 3 garden cream and green vintage flower buckets/planters.
ITEM # 35320
A beautifully illustrated bird variety jug. A country living interior and gift item for the home.
ITEM # 45644
Low Stock
Each based with a distressed rough stoneware finish, will be sure to bring a charming edge to any home space
ITEM # 45246
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