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Solar Pals

Wholesale solar pals. Solar powered novelty toys in many quirky and original designs from unicorn solar pals and mermaid solar pals to people and characters including licensed solar pals such as the Elvis solar pal, Dancing Queen solar pal and Minion solar pals. We stock the original flower solar pal and many more seasonal themed solar pals for Christmas, Easter and Halloween. There are a top selling line which dance and move when natural or artificial light shines on them. The stronger the light, the faster they will move. These products have seen a huge surge in popularity recently so scroll below to shop your favourites.

A small quirky solar pal with a putting golfer decal
ITEM # 49925
A comical builder solar pal with bobbing head
ITEM # 49923
A nurse solar pal who waves when in direct sunlight
ITEM # 49922
novelty nodding solar powered dog
ITEM # 27852
A flamboyant flamingo Solar Pal with an added Hula charm
ITEM # 49407
A sweet fluttering fairy solar pal
ITEM # 46832
 This quirky novelty solar pal will be sure to add a dash of magic to any space
ITEM # 34681
Complete with his moustache and sombrero, this guy is the definition of summer fun
ITEM # 34679
Funky grooving Rasta man
ITEM # 27848
Humorous policeman solar pal with gift box
ITEM # 27099
Fun and humorous Leprechaun solar pal
ITEM # 27838
A black cat solar pal. A novelty gift item and collectable.
ITEM # 43914
2 Assorted solar Hula girls from the popular solar pal range
ITEM # 20278
Cute and quirky snowman solar pal
ITEM # 29820
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