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Decorative Accessories

Wholesale decorative accessories. Wholesale shabby chic gifts, home accessories and home interiors. We are a leading UK wholesalers who supply gift retailers and gift shops with an array of shabby chic gifts, seasonal home decorations, heart ornaments, decorative accessories, interior accessories and ornaments. We stock seasonal gifts including seaside ornaments and Easter gifts. Here you will discover paperweights, sentiment angel stones and ornamental fruit too. We stock goods from leading UK and international brands including Heaven Sends meaning you can pick and mix from the very best decorative accessories available to curate your own gift collection in one convenient trade order.

An assortment of 2 elegant dancing fairies. A soft pink metal ornament with a rustic finish
ITEM # 59508
A chic home ornament featuring a large and small heart on a mango wood base.
ITEM # 59436
A metal plane decoration with striped design a vintage design with propeller.
ITEM # 62568
A metal car with surfboard decoration in a vivid pink colour with vintage styling!
ITEM # 62566
A vintage inspired rally car vehicle in an distressed cream and red tone
ITEM # 45607
A fine quality vintage tractor model in grey tone. A great collectable item by Leonardo.
ITEM # 49187
An assortment of 3 rustic wooden house scenes, each with a family and friends slogan.
ITEM # 59776
A vintage inspired caravan model featuring surf board and suitcase. A seaside gift with plenty of coastal charm.
ITEM # 43863
Set with its realistic features and distressed details, this metal tractor will look perfect in any study or shelf space
ITEM # 39785
Set with its realistic features and distressed details, this metal 4x4 car will look perfect in any study or shelf space
ITEM # 39787
Low Stock
A charming coastal themed ornament featuring a light house and beach hut.
ITEM # 60557
A beautiful angel decoration with a charming Grandma slogan. A great gift!
ITEM # 31256
A nurse has helping hands and a heart that understands. A charming angel ornament. A lovely sentiment gift
ITEM # 32876
Low Stock
A chic wooden lighthouse decoration in neutral grey and white colours. Complete with coastal rope details.
ITEM # 59528
An assortment of 2 adorable bunny ornaments, each with a polka dot egg.
ITEM # 59487
A chic heart shaped decoration with a eucalyptus print and glossy finish.
ITEM # 59620
An assortment of 2 bunny ornaments, each holding a sweet bird.
ITEM # 59489
An assortment of 2 charming wooden bunny decorations, each with a sweet daisy bow.
ITEM # 59637
An assortment of 2 chic and contemporary black hare busts.
ITEM # 59664
A charming captain ornament with cute details and a rustic finish.
ITEM # 59538
An assortment of 2 elegant ladies sitting in a yoga pose. A calming and contemporary interior accessory.
ITEM # 59574
Low Stock
A chic felt bunny decoration. Beautifully stitched with a jute bow and fluffy pom pom tail.
ITEM # 60258
An assortment of 2 charming wooden bunny ornaments, each with a beaded necklace.
ITEM # 60262
An assortment of 2 charming terracotta gonks, each with a gardening theme.
ITEM # 60059
An assortment of 2 gardening gonk ornaments made from terracotta.
ITEM # 60056
A charming gonk shelf sitter in a fresh sage green colour. Complete with bunny ears.
ITEM # 60055
A charming shelf sitting gonk in a stunning sage green colour. Complete with bunny ears.
ITEM # 60054
A Sweet Ceramic Ornament of Two Rabbit's Hugging
ITEM # 56060
A charming sitting bear decoration with a rustic jute bow.
ITEM # 57517
Low Stock
A Cute Medium Ceramic Sheep
ITEM # 56048
A Rough Luxe Styled Ceramic Lantern in Grey
ITEM # 56529
Reflections Bronzed Cob Horse Ornament
ITEM # 58223
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