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Soft Toys

A festive Palm Pal in a Grinch design
ITEM # 65621
A gorgeous sloth soft toy with a plump huggable body and textured soft fabric.
ITEM # 60849
A colourful super soft toy from the popular Adoramals range.
ITEM # 60626
Molly, Ginger and Rocky's 11 year old daughter from the film Chicken Run!
ITEM # 66476
This super snuggly blue penguin is just waiting to be cuddled!
ITEM # 65616
A super cute rattle toy with an adorable and soft lamb design.
ITEM # 61642
From the premium Miyoni range, a super soft and utterly cuddly cow called Fleckvieh.
ITEM # 66473
A palm sized soft toy great for children of all ages.
ITEM # 66471
A super adorable Eco Nation Mini Giraffe soft toy
ITEM # 59308
Rocky, the main character from the popular film Chicken Run. He lives in the moment and is more of a do-er than a thinke
ITEM # 66475
Ginger - a soft toy suitable for all ages from the popular film Chicken Run.
ITEM # 66474
A BLT called Tomas from the Palm Pals soft toy range.
ITEM # 66469
This taco palm pal is great for little ones to carry around on the go. Fiesta is its name, and snuggling is its game.
ITEM # 66468
A gorgeous pug soft toy from the Flopsies range called Pug-ger!
ITEM # 66333
From the Glitzy Tots range, a super fluffy pink pig soft toy.
ITEM # 66472
A super cute stegosaurus dinosaur plush toy with a pretty pink and purple colour scheme.
ITEM # 61638
A totally adorable Sloth named Slomo from the Palm Pal range.
ITEM # 65640
A super cute babies rattle featuring Francis fox character.
ITEM # 61643
A gorgeous cuddly ted from the Huggable's range. He wears a festive red winter hat and a pom pom scarf.
ITEM # 66125
Low Stock
A soft and cuddly dog toy in 3 assorted colours.
ITEM # 66119
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