Looking for wholesale clocks? Look no further! Here you will discover our comprehensive range of wall clocks, mantle clocks and travel clocks in top trending and popular designs. Here at Gainsborough Giftware wholesale we have a range of designs including shabby chic clocks, retro clocks and a whole host of top trending and themed designs. Our range of wholesale gifts are super popular with our gift retailers across the UK, Europe and world wide. Make the home and garden beautiful with this fabulous collection of interior details for interior lovers.
Olden styled metal clock
ITEM # 31332
 A charming assortment of hanging wall clocks, sure to bring a hint of summer to any space
ITEM # 43604
 Bring a touch of vintage charm to any home with this Teapot shaped clock
ITEM # 35168
An assortment of 2 alarm clocks in chic grey and pink pastel colours. Complete with gold detailing.
ITEM # 43957
An assortment of 2 chic pink and grey pastel coloured clocks with gold detailing.
ITEM # 43956
A contemporary clock made from wood with laser cut roman numerals and contemporary hands. Complete with a silver frame.
ITEM # 41368
Large metal clock with roman numerals and vintage hands
ITEM # 20954
An assortment of 2 chic mantel clocks in cream and grey colours.
ITEM # 41907
This multicoloured clock will bring life and colour to any room in your house
ITEM # 12022
Low Stock
A stylishly chic mirrored wall clock featuring an added mechanism print
ITEM # 43824
A vintage inspired decorative Mantle Clock featuring a distressed clock face and black tone
ITEM # 43955
A modernised waxed wood clock, its Skeleton style
ITEM # 32766
Low Stock
This beautiful large wooden wall clock is the perfect way to add a chic modern twist to your home
ITEM # 35481
An assortment of 2 contemporary clocks with an embossed map design. A stylish interior accessory.
ITEM # 43958
An assortment of 2 round wall clocks in a chic grey and pink pastel colour
ITEM # 45865
A retro style wind up alarm clock in silver. A stylish gift item and accessory for the home.
ITEM # 43821
Add some glamour to the home with this on trend, gold and black wall clock.
ITEM # 43585
Low Stock
A stylish pocket watch style gold clock with a black face and gold roman numerals.
ITEM # 43584
A mix of 2 contemporary wall clocks with silver roman numerals. A chic interior accessory.
ITEM # 41894
  Bring a vintage inspired edge to your home interior with this Alarm styled clock
ITEM # 43611
An adorable assortment of hanging wall clocks, complete with a sweet panda print!
ITEM # 41156
this lantern inspired clock will be sure to add a vintage charm to any space its in
ITEM # 44858
A free standing clock surrounded with a bird cage inspired decal
ITEM # 44859
Bring a rustic charm to any interior with this large metal clock with an added Alarm Clock inspired decal
ITEM # 44860
Bring a rustic charm to any interior with this large metal clock with an added Alarm Clock inspired decal
ITEM # 44861
A vintage inspired metal clock that will be sure to place perfectly in any home space
ITEM # 44862
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