Savings on Outdoor Living

Here at Gainsborough Giftware we like to pass on our own savings to our customers meaning you can be more competitive in the market place and earn that all important extra margin. Therefore we have created this page so you can discover all of our bargains and special offers with ease.
Items displayed here are not slow sellers, in fact you will need to purchase anything of interest quickly as stock is often limited and will soon be snapped up!
A simple and classic white bucket planter and container. Complete with a wire and wooden handle.
ITEM # 42059
A set of 2 cupcake style concrete planters with a soft pink centre.
ITEM # 42175
A rustic style bird feeder and bird ornament set within a decorative and distressed birdcage.
ITEM # 42140
Low Stock
A set of 3 pink pastel buckets with wire and wooden handles. Ideal for planting and storage.
ITEM # 42085
A set of 2 metal drawer shaped planters. A charming and unique gift set and planter.
ITEM # 42050
A set of 3 rustic metal planters with a distressed finish. Classic planters for the garden.
ITEM # 42108
Low Stock
An assortment of 3 pastel buckets with hooks. Ideal for potted and trailing plants. Also great for storage!
ITEM # 42241
A decorated stoneware vase with a vintage inspired glazed pattern and a raw clay base.
ITEM # 45952
A beautifully decorated rustic stoneware vase with a glazed patterned top and natural base.
ITEM # 45953
A vintage style metal crown decoration with a shabby chic finish. Ideal for displaying plants, candles, trinkets & more.
ITEM # 42098
A set of 3 rustic metal planters with chunky rope handles.
ITEM # 42297
A mix of 3 pretty pastel coloured buckets with a textured pattern and home label. Complete with wooden handle.
ITEM # 41667
A mix of 3 iron buckets in pretty pastel colours. Each is embossed with a home label and is complete with wooden handle.
ITEM # 41668
 A simple and stylish assortment of iron planters set with an embossed dot decal and matt colour finish
ITEM # 41678
 An assortment of 3 metal planters, each set with an embossed line decal and matte colour
ITEM # 41684
An assortment of 3 metal buckets in pretty pastel colours. Each has a textured finish and a Home embossment.
ITEM # 41670
A classic white bucket with wire and wooden handle. Ideal for storage and planting.
ITEM # 42060
 Bring an Industrial Charm to your home interior or decor with this stylish hanging LED light
ITEM # 40148
Low Stock
A set of 2 hoop lipped metal oval planters. A chic and classic garden planter.
ITEM # 42462
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