Wholesale fantasy figurines and fantasy gifts. Discover unicorn gifts, mermaid gifts and other fantasy gift items. We have sparkling unicorn figures, glitter unicorn decorations and exotic art unicorn ornaments. These unicorn gifts are top sellers and on trend! We also stock mermaid ornaments and mermaid gifts too. We are a supplier of gifts, interior decorations and shabby chic gifts to gift shops and gift retailers. Buy fine quality products from us in small quantities at competitive prices. 

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A mix of 2 whimsical fairy decorations, each with a pretty bouquet.
ITEM # 42242
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Stay on trend this season with this fabulous white unicorn ornament with gold hooves and a white mane and tail.
ITEM # 34402
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 A stylishly chic inspired home decal piece
ITEM # 36667
An assortment of 2 whimsical silhouetted fairy garden ornaments
ITEM # 47240
An assortment of 2 decorative fairy ornaments each with flower inspired layered skirts and love hearts.
ITEM # 47365
Pretty in pink laying fairy decorations with smiling faces, full tutu skirts and silver crowns.
ITEM # 47366
An assortment of 2 pretty in pink fairy ornaments, complete with silver crowns and tutus.
ITEM # 47367
A rustic metal fairy decoration set upon a wooden base.
ITEM # 48279
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