Christmas Wreaths & Garlands Arriving Soon

We are always on the look out for new and exicting christmas wreaths & garlands giftware so we have made it easier for you to see what we have coming in over the comes weeks and months. If you like the look of something please use the email me option and we'll do just that as soon as the item arrives into stock.
A classic rattan heart decoration with a woven design and chunky rope hanger.
ITEM # 46956
A classic woven rattan heart with a rustic finish and chunky rope hanger.
ITEM # 46957
A large woven heart wreath made from natural rattan. Complete with a chunky rope hanger.
ITEM # 46958
A large rustic rattan heart shaped wreath with woven branches and a chunky rope hanger.
ITEM # 46959
A distressed round metal wreath with an added rustic star decal
ITEM # 45987
 A charmingly simple accessory to bring to any themed home at Christmas time
ITEM # 46023
A round wreath built up of rustic twigs
ITEM # 46024
this large round shape wreath made of assorted branches and twigs will be sure to compliment any themed home at Christma
ITEM # 45815
 A charmingly simple round wreath with spread pine needles finished with a sprinkle of frosted snow for decoration
ITEM # 45142
A Charmingly simple round bushy wreath with an added snowy finish
ITEM # 45148
A metallic leaf garland with an added touch of glitter
ITEM # 45222
An assortment of Pink and Grey toned string garlands with added bells, pompoms and tassels
ITEM # 45231
 A multicoloured array of woollen pompoms presented in a wreath.
ITEM # 45385
 A simple silver frosted wreath.
ITEM # 45402
A festive red coloured bow that is suitable for front doors at Christmas
ITEM # 45529
A champagne toned heart wreath made up of mistletoe leaves
ITEM # 44711
A champagne toned wreath made up of mistletoe leaves
ITEM # 44712
A gorgeous wicker star with a shimmering finish and miniature gold glitter baubles.
ITEM # 44729
A chic wicker star decoration with a glitter finish and miniature gold baubles.
ITEM # 44730
A stunning rustic nest wreath with plenty of glitter and mini baubles. A charming feature for the home this season.
ITEM # 44735
A chunky rustic nest wreath with mini gold beading. A stunning feature for the home this season.
ITEM # 44736
Bring a glittery tone to your home decor or displays with this fabulously silver sparkling star wreath
ITEM # 44829
A beautiful round foliage wreath with added warm glowing LEDs
ITEM # 44384
An effortlessly chic Eucalyptus wreath for your front door.
ITEM # 44473
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