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 Set with a coastal blue colouring, this glass vase also features a rounded look, collar neck and dimpled ridge
ITEM # 46047
Make a rough luxe style statement at any time of year with this medium sized 3D metal star decoration set with an off wh
ITEM # 37527
sure to make a statement centrepiece in your decorations this Christmas.
ITEM # 37526
A rustic style 3D wooden star with a grey washed finish. Complete with rustic hanger and bead.
ITEM # 42531
Cluster of uneven sized metal fish hanging on rustic twine 35cm
ITEM # 16694
An assortment of small ceramic pots each featuring a striking blue patterned decal and terracotta toned base colour
ITEM # 46712
Add a geometric chic tone to any space of the home with these assorted ceramic planter pots
ITEM # 38213
An assortment of 3 pots, each with a graphic decoration in blue.
ITEM # 43347
 Add a coastal charm to any home space with this tall standing wooden Light House Ornament
ITEM # 46665
 A set of thee metal stars perfect to hang or arrange on a shelf this Christmas.
ITEM # 45917
A quirky and colourful set of sized planters with added printed fish decals and a terracotta toned edging
ITEM # 44533
A large hanging fish made from driftwood with a rope cord. A nautical inspired decorative accessory for the home.
ITEM # 41718
A charming jute string hanger with a set of 3 shabby chic wooden anchors.
ITEM # 42116
An assortment of 2 shabby chic style duck ornaments with a rustic white finish. Charming decorations for the home.
ITEM # 42249
An assortment of 2 pastel blue duck ornaments with a shabby chic finish. A charming interior accessory for the home.
ITEM # 42250
A decorated stoneware vase with a vintage inspired glazed pattern and a raw clay base.
ITEM # 45952
A beautifully decorated rustic stoneware vase with a glazed patterned top and natural base.
ITEM # 45953
An assortment of 2 white duck ornaments with a shabby chic finish. A charming decorative accessory for the home.
ITEM # 42252
An assortment of 2 beautiful blue vases made from recycled glass. Each has a frosted finish bringing texture and style
ITEM # 41758
A stylish and contemporary boat ornament made from mango wood. A charming coastal themed item for the home.
ITEM # 41738
Add a nautical sense to your interior with this chic little whale paperweight
ITEM # 38308
An assortment of 4 charming terracotta planters with a distinct handmade aesthetic and decorative glaze.
ITEM # 47178
An assortment of Coastal Blue Toned Ridged Vases, each complete with its own added charm
ITEM # 47219
A mix of Ocean Blue toned vases set with a Seashell inspired shape
ITEM # 47220
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