Create the most beautiful Christmas collections with our range of nordic decorations. Make an impact through their quiet, sophisticated and simple design. The traditional nordic prints in red and white ooze Christmas spirit.

This is the ultimate Christmas theme which is uncomplicated in design, yet rustic and cosy. It’s an iconic colour scheme which is much loved during the festive season.

Nordic Themed Christmas Decorations

Red and white rustic, wooden Christmas garland. Very popular Christmas decoration
ITEM # 11476
An assortment of 3 nordic inspired Gonk decorations in grey and red colour assortments.
ITEM # 48515
An assortment of 3 charming Santa heads with nordic style knitted hats in grey and red designs.
ITEM # 39121
 Two assorted jolly gingerbread candles. These candles dont just give off a delicious scent but are also decorative too.
ITEM # 45484
A delightful little mix of festive themed jingling bells strung up by red ribbons
ITEM # 46869
Homely white washed wooden tree topped with a shining star and wreath detail
ITEM # 11640
 An adorable treat plate for Santa in gingerbread theme with a chalkboard plaque to personalise.
ITEM # 45488
A charming large gift bag with with gingham ribbon and gingerbread man gift tag.
ITEM # 45490
 A set of three gingerbread themed storage tins.
ITEM # 45487
Bring a Nordic touch to your home decor at Christmas with this pack of assorted coloured hanging bells
ITEM # 46870
A mix of 4 traditional Christmas figures including santa, snowman and a reindeer
ITEM # 22462
Low Stock
An assortment of three different metal sitting Santas with bell and tree charms
ITEM # 11632
A mix of 2 adorable sitting Santa decorations, each with star and snowflake design outfits.
ITEM # 43522
Low Stock
A cute little assortment of posed ceramic mice dressed up in festive red hats and scarves
ITEM # 45063
Bring a Nordic touch to your home decor at Christmas with this charmingly simple ceramic Gonk figure
ITEM # 45087
An assortment of traditional fabric gonk figures with high pointed hats, fuzzy white beards and a round button nose
ITEM # 45043
Bring a Nordic touch to your home decor at Christmas with this charmingly simple ceramic Gonk hanging figure
ITEM # 45089
This nordic Santa has a fluffy long beard and a jazzy tall hat.
ITEM # 45474
A mix of 2 adorable wooden hanging reindeer decorations with cute festive details.
ITEM # 44449
Hang up your Christmas Cards with these festive themed caravan clips
ITEM # 44474
A festive little wooden Santa Egg complete with a fuzzy finish and pompom nose
ITEM # 44807
Low Stock
 Two assorted nordic Santas in red and grey with long dangly legs.
ITEM # 45476
 Two assorted charming Santas with tall hats and snowflake stitching.
ITEM # 45475
A fun themed wooden Santa figure with a large white beard and added pompom trimmings
ITEM # 44479
A cute little hanging ceramic mouse with a festive red nose
ITEM # 48120
A festive little hanging ceramic polar complete with a red star decal
ITEM # 44661
Hang up your Christmas cards around your home with the help of these glittery little reindeer pegs
ITEM # 44495
Bring a Nordic inspired touch to your Christmas decor with this charming little mix of wooden angel decorations
ITEM # 44502
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