Gonks are small mythological fluffy bearded creatures that resemble the traditional British garden gnome, they are also known as Tomte in Sweden, Tonttu in Finland, Nisse in Norway and Denmark. While they used to be seen as home protectors, these little characters, with their knitted hats originated from Scandinavian folklore but are now considered more as the Nordic version of our Santa Claus.

Complete with their traditional pointed high hats and long fluffy beards, these festive fun Santas are perfect in any themed decor at Christmas time.

Wholesale Christmas Gonks

 Bring a fun and festive feel to any sideboard or shelf at Christmas time with this sweet little dangly legged Santa Gon
ITEM # 40604
A mix of 2 adorable sitting Santa decorations, each with star and snowflake design outfits.
ITEM # 43522
A fat little red and grey sitting gonk
ITEM # 40154
Add a winter wonderland touch to any home space with this magically finished glowing santa gonk
ITEM # 39940
An assortment of 3 charming woodland style gonk decorations with knitted hats and faux fur beards.
ITEM # 43359
A mix of two adorable shelf sitting Gonks with shaggy beards and heart design hats.
ITEM # 33680
A Cream Sitting Gonk decoration
ITEM # 40122
Mix of 2 sitting santa gonks, grey and red
ITEM # 30479
A fuzzy bearded sitting Fabric Gonk Decoration, a perfect accessory to bring to any home space this Festive season
ITEM # 42744
Loveable gonk decorations in stylish cream and grey colours with heart detailing and cute button noses.
ITEM # 30428
2 quirky fluffy bearded sitting santas, complete with little hanging legs and a checkered coat
ITEM # 34238
 A charming red toned sitting gonk figure with a pointed hat, fuzzy beard and dangly legs
ITEM # 44075
  A sitting fabric gonk with added dangly legs and a fluffy white beard
ITEM # 44077
A nordic inspired ceramic tlight holder in a charming Gonk shape
ITEM # 44137
A charming mix of pink and grey toned sitting Santa Gonks
ITEM # 44350
Cosy up with this adorable Gonk decoration. Complete with a bouncing body and super plush hat and boots.
ITEM # 44408
A cute little fabric standing gonk with a fuzzy white beard and high pointed hat
ITEM # 44409
A sitting fabric gonk with fuzzy faux fur trimmings and long dangly legs
ITEM # 44410
A much loved sitting Gonk decoration with red boots, bendy hat and a wonderfully full beard.
ITEM # 44438
An adorable sitting gonk decoration with a tall knitted hat and faux fur coat.
ITEM # 44667
A cute little assortment of white toned ceramic standing gonks, perfectly topped with pretty pink spotted hats
ITEM # 44792
A festive little wooden Santa Egg complete with a fuzzy finish and pompom nose
ITEM # 44807
 A cute mix of festive red and grey toned ceramic gonk figures,
ITEM # 44993
An assortment of 2 metal sitting gonk decorations with large faux fur beards, pointed patterned hats and tree/star wand
ITEM # 45070
An assortment of 2 wooden Santa decorations with painted hats. A cute nordic inspired ornament for the home this season.
ITEM # 45071
Bring a Nordic touch to your home decor at Christmas with this charmingly simple ceramic Gonk figure
ITEM # 45087
Bring a Nordic touch to your home decor at Christmas with this charmingly simple ceramic Gonk figure
ITEM # 45088
Bring a Nordic touch to your home decor at Christmas with this charmingly simple ceramic Gonk hanging figure
ITEM # 45089
A cute little gonk featuring a fuzzy white beard and red toadstool hat
ITEM # 45445
A nordic Santa with a tall sequin, colour changing hat.
ITEM # 45473
This nordic Santa has a fluffy long beard and a jazzy tall hat.
ITEM # 45474
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